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SPA by the sea

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A SPA is the place where we wish to relax, regenerate and revive our health, healing our nerves and indulging in the blissful cosiness. You’ll find all there, indeed.
A SPA is the place where we wish to relax, regenerate and revive our health, healing our nerves and indulging in the blissful cosiness. You’ll find all there, indeed. A wide palette of choices for your neglected beauty, your abandoned health, your tense nerves and aching soul. We’re so much different than most of the hotels tend to me. Their weakest points are bad location and poor quality of the services provided. Let us prove ourselves to you then, let us show you how much tailor-made for you we are. Having given us a chance once, you’ll never ever want to choose others. The Neptuno Resort & SPA is truly remarkable. It’s an exceptional seaside resort with a modern SPA zone where every single detail matters and where perfection is an accomplished fact, not a promise. Not only can you relax here to the deepest of your soul, but we can also indulge in the pampering SPA experience. What does our SPA zone mean exactly? The SPA Zone Our warm graduation tower with brine – here’s where the Kołobrzeg brine is enriched with health-giving oils and the dry aerosol with 5% of medical salt. A session in the graduation tower room will provide your body with all the necessary microelements, restore your long-lost balance within and help you combat various illnesses. Finnish sauna – a stay at the Finnish sauna widely contributes to the detoxification of your body, stimulates the immune system and thereby reduces the susceptibility to the cold and various other infections, improves the skin condition (especially in case of the acne type) as well as restores the long-lost elasticity of tissues. What is more, these warming sessions boost the secretion of endorphins, the so called hormones of happiness. Steam bath – particularly recommended to tense people with a weakened immune system. The hot steam helps you expel toxins and metabolites from the body, improving the hydro-content and smoothness of skin. And last but not least, the steam bath loosens your body and allows you to breathe more easily. Experience shower with phototherapy – an unforgettable, deeply relaxing bath which effectively loosens tense muscles and improves your frame of mind. Cooling Zone – equipped with a wooden bucket and a shower. Perfect after sauning. 8-person Jacuzzi – a pearl bath with hydro-massage – your remedy for sadness and pain. A bath in the Jacuzzi tub calms down your soul, reduces stress, stimulates the blood circulation and helps to combat cellulite. Cooling Zone – nearly the quintessence of relaxation. For is there anything more pleasant in this world than some blissful lazing around on a heated ceramic lounger? Biorenewal Parlour – here, within the elegant interiors of the Neptuno Resort & SPA, our Guests may savour a wide range of various massages offered by our highly professional therapists. Let us take good care of your body and soul. And don’t forget there are some special massages for the youngest of our Guests as well! The Neptuno Resort & SPA i undoubtedly one of the kind. If you’re striving for balance, relaxation and peace, here’s your oasis, your heaven on earth. Even kids can relax here, since family is the core of existence, isn’t it?


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