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Restaurant at the Neptuno Resort & SPA

Restaurant at the Neptuno Resort & SPA 18 mar
The Neptuno Resort & SPA is a gem of relaxation, indeed. Especially recommended to those wanting to leave the nasty past behind. Come, let your body and mind enjoy a true Renaissance of peace. Happiness is just within your reach. Don’t fear to grasp it!
No matter if it’s a short weekend stay or a longer vacation, our Neptuno Resort & SPA is always your heaven on earth. For the wellness philosophy is not an empty word for us. It’s our middle name, indeed, something which we believe in more than anything else. Here, you can heal your aching soul and give your exhausted body new energy to carry on. The secret lies hidden in the rich SPA zone of ours, including beauty parlours and yoga room. For the sake of your mental relaxation, there is our library and to keep the body fit, we set a bike rental at your disposal. And what about a healthy diet? You’ll certainly find it here! What make the Neptuno Resort & SPA so exceptional? Neptuno Restaurant First and foremost, the taste. Yet, also a whole series of health benefits. We serve you with seasonal dishes, giving you all what’s best in the Polish cuisine. For there’s nothing better than well-proven recipes, no artificial ingredients and a passion which makes every single dish taste like heaven on earth. We love fresh herbs and fresh products of the finest quality possible, provided by our local befriended producers and breeders. Vegetables, fruit and meat… Always of the finest sort. And you can rest assured no chemical food colourings and flavour enhancers can be accepted here. What does our cuisine mean exactly? How to put it into words? Delicious breakfasts… Our buffet includes a wide palette of dishes, including various delicacies for meat fans, vegans as well as those of you who do not tolerate gluten or lactose. More details, please? Apart from traditionally home-roast cold cuts, pâtés or cheese, there’s also a rich choice of fish, raw vegetables, lettuces, home-made jams, pickled vegetables and marinades. To give matters spice, we keep you entertained with live cooking when dishes are “born” just before your very eyes. Something sweet to snack on is never a bad thing, indeed. Croissants, biscuits and many other cookies. And to make the offer whole, enjoy our immense palette of teas and aromatic filter coffee (100% Arabica), enriched with cow, soya or almond milk, depending on your wishes and needs. … and equally delicious diners Also during dinner, we give a wide palette of various delicacies to choose from. Our cooks always prepare a few main dishes, full of fresh vegetables, fruit, best quality meat, fish or seafood. A final touch to the feast are fancy desserts as well as a wide palette of sweets and seasonal fruits. To give matters spice, we interlard the weekly menu with something special, taking you on a culinary journey around the world, just think about the Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai or Balkan cuisine. For the Little Ones, there’s our KIDS MENU, including these dishes your offspring will always savour, indeed, which means spaghetti, pancakes or fritters, but also something that parents would prefer their kiddies to eat, and therefore, fish with vegetables, dumplings and meatballs.


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