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Our biorenewal parlour offers you a wide palette of various massages given by well-experienced and highly qualified therapists. We have designed our treatment menu specifically to relax both your exhausted body and even your aching mind. Since your harmony and balance within is of a paramount importance to us, do join our yoga sessions as well which take place regularly on the dunes by the beach or in a special fitness room.

Body care

Classic partial massage - a therapeutic massage of the back, recommended in case of long-lasting pains or recently sustained injuries. Perfect for sportsmen and active people. 

Classic whole body massage – a therapeutic massage of the whole body, recommended in case of long-lasting pains or recently sustained injuries. Perfect for sportsmen and active people. 

CHOCOLATE RITUAL WITH A WHOLE BODY SCRUB – a perfect fusion of a relaxing classic massage, the sweet aroma of chocolate as well as an exfoliating massage which removes dead skin cells, making your skin velvety smooth to the touch. Almost ninety minutes of purest pleasure (70') which take you on a magical journey far away to the world of relaxation and marvellous scents. 

GOAT MILK RITUAL – a royal feast both for your body and soul. The goat milk is extremely rich in various nutrients, lychee provides a whole palette of vitamins, and the pearl extract regenerates the skin as well as protects it from harmful external factors. Alleviates irritations, soothes dry skin, provides comfort and hydration. This relaxing massage combined with a whole body scrub is fabulous milk adventure lasting almost ninety minutes altogether

Therapeutic mud compresses – they are supposed to warm and loosen a given body part up before a massage which should be best following just afterwards so that the muscles located deeper under the skin surface can be reached. Having been subjected to the therapeutic mud compress, your body reacts to the massage much better.

Classic massage of the lower limbs – helps to improve the blood circulation and thereby reduce the swelling and pain of legs. Effectively alleviates muscle cramps and contractures.

Relaxing Shea Butter Massage - a delicate massage which is supposed to loosen and relax your whole body. The warm shea butter deeply moisturises the skin and caresses all of your senses with its heavenly smell. 

Relaxing Candle Massage – for this procedure, a heated coconut oil is used which provides deep nourishing and regenerates your whole body. It’s an incredibly mild cosmetic, destined also for people dealing with various allergies or having delicate, sensitive skin.

Relaxing aromatic massage – a delicate massage of the whole body, for which a palette of aromatic oils is used. Suitable also for children.

Cupping Therapy Massage (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) – helps to combat cellulite and stretch marks. A pretty painful procedure performed with a silicone cup which sucks the air in and sticks firmly to the skin surface. 

Anti-Cellulite Massage (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) – an intensive manual massage which helps to restore the right, smooth texture of skin. 

Hot Stone Massage – a deeply relaxing massage with hot basalt stones of pure nature which carry their pleasant warmth deep into your muscles. This procedure is extremely pleasant and enjoyable, soothing pain and discomfort right away. May concern either the back only or the whole body. (price 190 PLN duration 60 min/price 100 PLN duration 30 min)

Foot Reflexology – a manual massage of feet which consists in pressing proper receptors on the skin, responsible for given organs within your body. 

Massage of the back for the Little Ones (price: 40 PLN, duration: 15 min)

Aromatic massage of the whole body for the Little Ones (price: 50 PLN, duration: 25 min)



Quick Manicure (without nail polish) (price: 70 PLN, duration: 40 min)

Manicure with nail polish (price: 80 PLN, duration: 60 min)

SPA Manicure with a paraffin bath (without nail polish) (price: 120 PLN, duration: 75 min)

Manicure with hybrid nail polish (price: 90 PLN, duration: 65 min)

Nail polish (price: 30 PLN, duration: 20 min)

Quick Pedicure (without nail polish) (price: 90 PLN, duration: 50 min)

Care Pedicure (price: 115 PLN, duration: 55 min)

Pedicure with nail polish (price: 125 PLN, duration: 65 min)

Pedicure with hybrid nail polish (price: 135 PLN, duration: 75 min)

Paraffin bath for hands and feet (price: 60 PLN, duration: 30 min)

Hybrid nail removal (price: 30 PLN, duration: 20 min)

Eyebrow plucking (price: 25 PLN, duration: 15 min)

Henna of eyebrows or eyelashes (price: 25 PLN, duration: 15 min)

Henna and plucking of eyebrows (price: 35 PLN, duration: 25 min)

Henna of eyebrows and eyelashes + plucking of eyebrows (price: 45 PLN/duration: 35 min)

Face massage – this face – neck – décolleté massage helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, allows the skin to breathe well, regulates the sebum secretion, improves the blood supply and elasticity of facial muscles as well as provide overall relaxation. Effectively reduces oedema, expels toxins and harmful metabolites. Restores the right skin balance as well as stimulates its intensive regeneration. If applied regularly, the treatment makes your skin much firmer, smoother and more radiant, whereas the active substances contained in the cosmetics used for the procedure can be absorbed much more effectively. (price 70 PLN duration 25 min.)

Face massage with algae mask – allows the skin to breathe well, improves blood supply in the skin and the elasticity of muscles as well as contributes to draining and removing toxins. Helps to stimulate the natural regeneration and production of collagen, reduces swelling and smooths out wrinkles. Your skin, now softened and loosened, absorbs all the richness contained in the individually adapted mask right away. (price: 110 PLN, duration: 40 min)

An intensively moisturising treatment – destined for dry and very dry skin (both combination and oily type). Serves also as prophylaxis preventing excessive water loss. The active ingredients contained in liposomes act within the epidermis, and the hyaluronic acid covers the skin surface with a delicate film. This treatment helps to rebuild the natural hydro-lipid coat, provides deep and long-lasting hydration and makes the skin radiant. The non-standard use of two different serums on two different stages of the treatment ensures a particularly high treatment effectiveness. (price: 270 PLN, duration: 60 min.)

An effectively smoothing procedure – based on a silk extract which smooths out even a very dry and coarse skin. The pearl stimulates collagen and elastin fibres and thereby hampers premature skin ageing. (price: 230 PLN, duration: 60 min)

Cavitation peeling – removes dead skin cells with ultrasound, as a result of which the skin is clean and the dead-cell layer of stratum corneaum is exfoliated. What is more, the ultrasound vibration improves the microcirculation and oxygenates the skin. The cavitation peel may be used either as a separate treatment or – if combined with another procedure – enhance the absorption of active ingredients from the cosmetics applied. The cavitation peeling is destined for all the skin types, even the very sensitive one. (price: 120 PLN, duration: 45 min)

Treatment for sensitive, capillary skin – destined for superficially vascularised, sensitive skin which often reacts with erythema, dilated blood vessels as well as for the skin prone to rosacea. The series of cosmetics used for this treatment is based on flavonoids, well-known for their anti-oxidative properties. The plant substances applied act as anti-oedema agents, support the blood vessels and even up the skin tone. The non-standard use of two different serums on two different stages of the treatment ensures a particularly high treatment effectiveness. (price: 250 PLN, duration: 60 min)


Linia kosmetyków KURLAND to jedna z najbardziej pożądanych marek światowego Wellness&SPA. Receptury preparatów oparto na naturalnych składnikach , są one wolne od konserwantów i przedłużających trwałość związków chemicznych. Kosmetyki KURLAND pochodzą z ekologicznych upraw w Kurlandii a wszystkie produkty wykorzystywane do zabiegów tworzone są z półproduktów bezpośrednio przy gościu. Dodatkowo marka wyróżnia się zniewalającymi kompozycjami zapachowymi ziół, olei i suszonych kwiatów.




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