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Neptuno Resort & SPA for the whole family!

Neptuno Resort & SPA for the whole family! 26 mar
Holidays means relaxation. It goes without saying. Such a blissful, soul-caressing time, no matter if you’re single or married, childless or with a bunch of the Little Ones. For families, it’s usually a tiny little bit more difficult, but not here…
As it turns out, hardly any facility is prepared to host these youngest, yet most demanding Guests. Amongst the most frequent problems to face, we would first and foremost name the lack of proper equipment, few attractions destined for the Little Ones or a menu dedicated specially to the kids’ palates. So little is needed to provide families with a good and enjoyable stay, yet it’s so much, and sometimes even too much for the hoteliers. Sadly, what might seem to be right within a reach is often much further away than we might think at the first glance. Yet, there comes an answer to your trouble. A facility which finds its perfect joy in fulfilling even the most demanding wishes which both the adults and (perhaps first and foremost) the children may express. Yes, the Neptuno Resort & SPA. The most family-friendly hotel ever known which doesn’t pose as such. We really feel and mean it. Having the needs of our Kiddies in mind, we have adapted our offer to their needs. At the reception, you can rent all of the accessories you would need for a peaceful stay with your offspring. No need to lug these things with you at all! Just tell us what you need and we will be glad to grant your wish! Here’s what you may ask for: Baby cribs with bed clothes, bottle warmers, changing tables, bathroom hockers for children, baby bathtubs, chamber pots. Each and every room has been equipped with an electric kettle so that you can enjoy a cup of a good tea or an aromatic coffee in the privacy of your own room, too. Yes, the offer of TV channels for kids is a rich one, yet reading develops the Little Ones’ imagination much better. For this very reason, we have a very special thing ready for you – our hotel library where both the parents and their children will surely find a good book to immerse in and relax. It’s time to let your hair down and paint the town red! The Neptuno is just bursting with attractions for children. A novelty on the Polish market, indeed. For we find our greatest joy and pleasure in providing these youngest, yet often most demanding and to our way of thinking most precious Guests with a stay of their sweetest dreams. Our main attractions for the Little Ones are: Circus Shows – marvellous, colourful, merry and simply beautiful, performed by graduates of circus schools and organised once a week (only in the summer season). Puppet Theatre – unique, interactive spectacles based on the themes derived from the most well-known stories for children. The wonderful, incredibly colourful stage design as well as the humorous nature of these magical shows both educate and entertain. How could anyone ask for more, then? Ball Clowns Show – a truly remarkable, immensely ravishing and charming show, full of funny gags, interactive fun, smile and joy. Let the soap bubble fill the air around. It’s time for some fun! Playground – both safe and modern, equipped with attested devices and toys. Playing here is beneficial for the health of your Little Ones and their social skills as well! And what’s even more important – the playground, just like all of the Neptuno premises – is monitored. Playroom – equipped with a whole range of toys, special furniture for the Little Ones and lots of various devices to play with. There is also a plasma TV with DVD and a game console Xbox Kinect. Our professional animators keep your offspring entertained by conducting fantastic attractions. Want to know more? Check the schedule!


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