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Crazy Halloween by the sea

Crazy Halloween by the sea 12 oct
Who said autumn has to be cold and gloomy? Take your family for a short stay by the sea and enjoy! It’s going to be the time of your life!
A stay by the sea is beneficial both for your soul and for your body alike. A health bomb, indeed. And by the health bomb we mean the iodine, of course, a vitally important element which is necessary for the nervous system and the brain as well. Therefore, even a few days at the seaside will surely do you good. You’ll notice it in a trice – better frame of mind, better quality of sleep. The coastline climate effective supports the defensive mechanisms of your body, improves the psychometric capabilities and removes air pollution. The iodine aerosol fills you with energy and raises your concentration skills. For those who are brave enough, we would recommend winter bathing in the Baltic Sea. What a boost for your senses! A nice idea would be to choose a stay in autumn, too. Like perhaps a short weekend around Halloween. That’s the time when most of the hotels prepare special attractions for their Guests, let us name the dinner at Dracula’s pumpkin workshops, and for children playing with Casper the Ghost or Halloween Party for adults and their offspring as a tiny little excerpt of what you may expect. Why don’t you take care of your spirit as well? Maybe you feel like trying some yoga or meditation – hotels promoting the wellness idea usually include it in their programme. So, if you’re looking for a facility which would serve your case, check and make sure your choice includes the sauna zone, graduation tower, baths as well as a relaxation room where you can push the harshness of reality away. And there is a place on earth which gives you all of this in one combined. The Neptuno Resort& Spa – your relaxation oasis amidst nature.


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