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SPA & Wellness

Come and make yourself at home in our incredible SPA zone, opened in autumn 2015. This space has been designed very carefully so that every single detail catches your senses with its perfection. After all of these difficult times, here's your rescue and here is your hope. You will find us at the restaurant near the hotel buildings.

A warm graduation tower with brine – the only one in Poland! The local Kołobrzeg brine has been enriched with the essential oils and a dry aerosol with 5% medical salt!

Sauna has for ages been the secret of the Scandinavian vitality and perfect health! Here the temperature reaches 90C. A stay in the traditional sauna makes your skin young, healthy and smooth. The warmth stimulates the blood circulation and fills you with energy. The hormones of happiness, namely the endorphins, are produced and your frame of mind immediately goes up.

The steam bath is a highly pleasant idea for a sensual bathing experience with the water temperature not reaching above 40 - 50 degress Celsius. The body sweats in no time, almost with no effort. Our bath additionally pampers your soul with aromatic essential oils which alleviate stress. loosen the muscles and support your airways.

The Experience Shower is a splendid idea for a sensual bath! Feel the caresses of a tropical rain on your skin, experience the arctic cold and indulge to the refreshing Baltic breeze.

You will find there a cooling zone with a wooden bucket and a post-sauna shower.

There's nothing more pleasant than our large Jacuzzis for 8 people each. You may pamper yourself with the extremely agreeable pearl baths and forget the world around you. Children love this place - for the temperature in this water reaches 35 C.

The Relaxation Zone in turn consists of 4 heated ceramic couches where you can relax after your sauna experience.

Please make yourself acquainted with the SPA Regulations.

Chcąc spełnić oczekiwania najbardziej wymagających gości stworzyliśmy dla Państwa strefę fitness wyposażoną w innowacyjne urządzenia TechnoGym.

Wśród dostępnych rozwiązań znajdują się bieżnia, orbitrek, rower stacjonarny, najnowszej generacji BIKE XL z możliwością wyboru tras, urządzenia do treninigu cardio, akcesoria do treningu funkcjonalnego, piłki wellnessowe oraz piłka do balansu.


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