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A little bit of SPA history

A little bit of SPA history 01 mar
Not without a reason, SPA hotels are universally associated with relaxation and entertainment. Here’s where you can take advantage of various massages and immensely pleasant care rituals.
Over the ages, all of the body treatments have enjoyed a vast popularity, indeed and it shouldn’t be a surprise since scarcely anyone would ever say not a pleasant, soul-healing procedure after all. Unbelievable as it may sound, SPA is not a thing of yesterday and its history dates back to the ancient times! So, how did the SPA look back then, you would ask? Was it any different from the wellness facilities we know today? Roman Thermal Baths The history of SPA begins in the ancient times, that’s what we know already. And it’s pretty clear that the Romans were the first to open facilities of this sort. They opened special meeting places where the inhabitants of their polis, i.e. cities, could take care of both their physical and mental health. At the beginning, their thermal baths were simple buildings, yet as their popularity was rising, they gradually expanded and developed into large complexes, including first of all pools with cold water, small, heated rooms where the patients prepared their bodies for higher temperature, pols with hot water, steam baths, dry saunas, massage parlours and relaxation rooms. Yet, the wellness history does not end here! The ancient thermal baths included also rooms which are rarely to find in the modern facilities, indeed. What does it mean exactly? Well, amongst others sports fields and fitness rooms, stadiums, little rooms where you could rub olive oil and aromatic oils into your skin, porticos mirroring the present column porches where various discussions were held and where they recited poetry even! There were also libraries, music rooms, dice game rooms and buffets, too. Each and every parlour mentioned above was quality and sophistication beyond measure. For aesthetics played a vitally important role for the Romans! The walls were mostly covered with marble stones, and on the floor all kinds of mosaics could be seen. What is more, many sculptures and paintings gave these spaces a wildly attractive soul, making them pleasant both for the soul and for the eyes as well. So, once again, the thermal baths in the ancient Rome included rooms destined specifically for vivid discussions, yet the truth was, people discussed all over the bath premises. Therefore, a natural thing to happen, these facilities rose to be the centre of social life for the Romans. And the doors of the social baths closed down on nobody, no matter what your age, social or financial status was. Eve slaves could take advantage thereof. Usually, no fee was charged for using the baths, and only sometime a small, almost symbolic amount of money was required of the visitors to be granted the entry right. SPA facilities in the 21st century The present SPA hotels do not differ that much from their ancient ancestors. Ain’t it credible? Well, just look at the Neptuno SPA & Resort where you shall find – just like at the Roman Baths – the Finnish sauna, wet steam bath and a room with a graduation tower which heals your body and soul with the power of brine and a wide palette of aromatic oils. Additionally, our SPA zone includes a large Jacuzzi with the pearl bath option, experience shower with light therapy as well as a comfy and charming relaxation room. You can also pay a soothing visit to one of our massage or beauty parlours. At your disposal, there is also a library with both books and board games. For the sporty ones, we would recommend our yoga room or bike rental. What makes us exceptional is the fact our facility is perfectly adapter to the needs of families with children. We organise various events for the Little Ones, like for instance puppet theatre, entertainment spectacles or circus shows. On the premises of our charming hotel, there is also a playroom and a modern playground. Thus, there’s not even the slightest shade of doubt as to the fact that the Neptuno SPA & Resort is perfect in any sphere – both a wonderful holidays with kids and a relaxing SPA stay, indeed.


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