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True wellness by the sea

True wellness by the sea 26 sep
Would you like to savour some deliciously peaceful relaxation? Do you need to give your health a kick? No problem! Come for the best weekend of your life!
You can spend your weekend in many different ways, yet, admittedly, nothing heals your body and soul better than a short stay at the seaside, indeed. Our Baltic Sea has so much to offer, it’s an incredibly rich source of health-giving treasures which should definitely be made acquainted with and taken in advantage as often as you can. Perhaps you’re not quite aware of this, but when the sea waves hit the shore, tiny water particles of water, rich in iodine, magnesium and bromine get into the air. Truth be known, these are the microelements which our body needs to functional properly! Walking along the beach, jogging at the crack of dawn, Nordic Walking by the sea – here’s your perfect, most powerful recipe for a long and healthy life. This way, all of our tissues and internal organs are well-oxygenated and supplied with minerals, which in turn translates into a fantastic frame of mind. And if we spend our seaside time in the sun, we additionally give our body the required dose of vitamin D, responsible for the right functioning of your nervous and muscular system. Many a hotel and guesthouse by the coast offers physical activities, including yoga, well-known to be a splendid way to heal your soul. People say that thanks to yoga, they finally learnt how to love themselves, and that’s always a good starting point to feel well and happy within your own body as well as to bestow this happiness on the others around you. For those who love themselves can love their fellow creatures. Hard to believe it? Yet, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Thus, when staying at the seaside, never forget to try some yoga, too. It’s a perfectly universal activity and everyone finds here something for themselves. Yoga calms you down, lowers your blood pressure, makes your heart beat a bit more peacefully, fills you with new energy and…. removes spinal pains as well as muscular tensions which so many of us complain about. And if you fancy Asanas, just lie still. Even lying down has a wonderful influence on the functioning of your brain. The research conducted by the Australian National University have proved resting on the matt to be a vitally important factor, necessary to get through your body to the core of your mind. Ain’t it the quintessence of yoga after all? And practising it on the beach at sunrise is even better. It’s the perfect of happiness intact. Relaxing by the sea means also taking care of your diet, without having to count the calories. It’s providing your body with high quality meals, first of all vegetables, legumes and fruit. Don’t look for an excuse, just change your bad eating habits. Is there a better moment therefor than holidays? Here, we have everything put under your nose, so there’s no need to take care thereof on your own. Remember to eat proper amounts of dietary fibre, healthy fatty acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Preferably, opt for local products, like fish when you’re by the sea – for fish is one of the main sources of proteins! Legumes, herbs and nuts also have a blissful impact on our health. Try to reduce the amount of cheese, eggs and yoghurts in your diet, the same as your meat consume, putting vegetables and fruit on your plate instead. Celebrate your meals! Just enjoy your life to the fullest!


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