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The famous Plant-based diet is a form of therapeutic fast which lasts from 2 up to 6 weeks. It is based on raw and low processed plant products, vegetables and fruit having a low glycaemic index, excluding proteins and fats. During the fast, consuming alcohol, coffee and strong tea as well as sweated beverages is strictly forbidden. This vegetable – fruit diet delivers max. 600 – 800 calories per day, which makes your body switch into the internal nourishing and cutting proteins as wells fats from the foodstuffs consumed, as a result of which the body starts using its own, degenerated proteins, fats and accretion. Processes improving your immunity as well as regeneration mechanisms are activated, degenerations and inflammations are reversed, thereby many chronic illnesses retreat. The Plant-based diet diet is rich in enzymes, microelements and vitamins. It effectively alkalises and detoxifies your body, strengthens the internal self-healing mechanisms as well as restores the balance of metabolism. Vegetables and fruits are commonly known to be rich natural antioxidants. They stimulate the regeneration, cleanse the body, heal and rejuvenate all of the cells within your body. Another important element of this diet are: a natural beetroot leaven and vegetable pickles – immensely powerful probiotics. The therapy restores the sensitivity of cells to insulin which directly makes many metabolic syndrome diseases retreat, i.e. overweight, hypertension, atherosclerosis. Once having ended the Plant-based diet, you should go on another diet, based on vegetables, fruit, grains, leguminous vegetables with a small amount of animal products. Such a well-balanced diet is your recipe for longevity, indeed.

I do recommend it!

Dr. Paweł Zalicki,

Co-Owner of the Neptuno Resort & Spa.

The pine forest mixed with seaside air make a very specific microclimate which restores your vitality in a trice. Let it heal your soul all the year round, whatever the season. Why don’t you try some Nordic Walking along the coast, cycling, yoga, meditation or – should you be brave enough – winter bathing? Savour the Renaissance of your body and soul. Here, body regeneration is supported by a healthy diet, sauning and massage parlours. Make yourself acquainted with our offer and you shall find your health and balance back which you thought to have forgotten long time ago.

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Review by a health stay Guest: In 2009, I diagnosed with atherosclerotic coronary disease and doctors saw no other rescue but an instant quadruple bypass surgery. Yet, I decided to wait for a bit and search for other options, since there must have been other choices than the scalpel, after all. 

Adam Galant, C'Ville, IL (USA) 25.08.2017


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